Japanese culture ~ do you want to know? Japanese are obsessed with Convenience stores “Konbini”

ローソン シンガポール観光・生活

Do you know コンビニ? Konbini is short for Convenience store.

Japanese are really in love with convenience stores, like “7-Eleven”, “Lawson”, “Family Mart” (those are big 3 in Japan) and etc.

Can you imagine this?

I assume most of people think this is strange. “Why convenience store??”

But, once you would explore Japanese convenience store, you must be in love with that as same as Japanese.

Japanese convenience store is real “One stop shop” where you can buy everything you want for your day to day life!

Also, Japanese convenience store operation is all day!

7 Eleven

Japanese called Seven Eleven as “Seven”.


Operation hour of 7- eleven is not 7:00-23:00 but all day/everyday.

Bun Leader
Bun Leader

We can find 7-Eleven in Singapore, US and other countries.

Japanese people really love 7 Elleven.

I can imagine it seems odd for foreigners.

You do understand, however, once you would have an opportunity to go Japanese 7 Eleven.

We can find everything day to day life in Japan.

Also, we can find entertainment stuffs, like books, newspapers, magazines and Manga.


Agreed, Bun leader.

You don’t think Japan 7 eleven is not same one in Singapore and US.

Very different than other countries 7 eleven.

7 eleven deli is not so good in other countries.

How is it in Japan?

Please find the link below.


Will find delicious Bento Box line-up.

Japanese convenience store’s bento box quality is very high.

Let’s try those great bento box!!


Sake, Soju and wine.

Full line up.


You can enjoy caned beer and coktails.

Let’s visit 7 eleven Japan site in English below.

7-ELEVEN - Welcome to Japan!
This is the official website of Seven-Eleven Japan. Here you can find info on in-store ATMs, Wi-Fi, accepted credit cards, products and services, and on locatio...



Lawson is one of the top convenience stores in Japan.

Most of Japanese reckon Lawson is Japanese originated company.

Doesn’t it??

See below the history of Lawson.

Origins of Lawson

The company name of Lawson and its trademark white milk can against a blue background date back to 1939 in Ohio, the United States, where J. J. Lawson ran a dairy milk store. “Mr. Lawson’s milk store” was locally renowned for its fresh and delicious milk and many customers came to buy milk there every morning. J. J. Lawson subsequently established Lawson Milk Co. and developed this into a chain of stores selling various commodities including daily necessities mainly in the northeast of America. The chain name “Lawson” and the milk can logo daily evoking an American dairy farm originated out of this milk trader in the United States. In 1959, Lawson Milk Co. became an affiliate of the American food giant Consolidated Foods Inc. and continued to widely expand its network of stores out of Ohio while establishing the convenience store operating system.

So, we can find “mark of the milk” on the signboard.


Enjoy Lawson delicious bento-box.

Decided this ramen finally for my lunch.

This is “Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen Niku-mashi”.

Tonkotsu soy sauce ramen with large serving meats.

Price if 648JPY. (7.7SGD)

We don’t have hawkers in Japan.


We have delicious bento box at convenience stores!


Soft drink and alcohol well lined up.

Like a super market.


Would you like to have team with chocolate cookies?


You can use ATM for banking.

Also you can use copy machine.

This is not Lawson but you will have those service at most of convenience stores in Japan.


59,648 convenience stores are in Japan.

Ranking of the # of stores is below

  1. 7-Eleven: 21,109
  2. Family Mart: 16,641
  3. Lawson: 14,672

followed by “Mini-stop” but # of stores are 1,970.

So dominant top 3 convenience stores.

Let’s enjoy Japan convenience bento-box and Japan life as Japanese!

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