Japanese culture ~ do you want to know? Japanese shopping mall


Shopping mall in Singapore, surprised to find many malls when I relocated from Japan to Singapore. We have shopping malls in local area in Japan, but we don’ t find malls in Tokyo since high price for real estate. In Tokyo, we have department store so called 百貨店 (Hyakka-ten) like, Takashimaya, Isetan, Mitsukosi and so on.

Shopping mall in downtown has been facing difficulties to keep their business due to high real estate price, rapidly spread e-commerce and etc.

Aeon Himonya which is one of the shopping malls where neighbors love to go, and to link deeply daily peoples life.

Today, will share one of famous shopping mall in downtown Tokyo,

Aeon Himonya style


Where is Aeon?

Aeon style was located in Meguro-ku, waking 8 mins from Gakugei-Daigaku station in Tokyu-Toyoko line.

Aeon Himonya style was renovated from Daie Himonya which was one of flagship malls of Daie group in 2016.

Since skirt of downtown Tokyo location, high exposure to the media and people come to here in Aeon from Meguro and Setagaya ward by car.

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(2022/11/8 11:32時点)

Floor guide


Aeon has 7 stories.

  • 1st story: Groceries
  • 2nd story: Groceries, alcohol
  • 3rd story: Female clothing
  • 4th story: Furniture, bedding, kitchen
  • 5th story: Male clothing, book store, eye-ware, stationary
  • 6th story: Toys, children clothing
  • 7th story: Electronics store, restaurant

1st story


Unmanned cash counter has not been common in Japan. You can find them here in Aeon. You can use cash, credit card, and Waon which is tap on e-money.

What is WAON?|WAON|One card is all you need!
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You can get fresh fishes and groceries. Here is crowded everyday/every-time, people for getting daily groceries.

You can get affordable “Sashimi” and “Sushi” here.

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2nd story


You can take rest at Starbucks with coffee or Himonya-baru with alcohol.

You can find “Kagami-mochi” which is rice cake for new year offering in Dec.

What one of biggest surprise when relocated from Japan to Singapore was price of alcohol.

3rd story


This flor for female. You can find female clothes.

However, most of clothing is for over 30 or 40 year’s old or more.

You should go downtown department store in downtown if you are going to go with your teenage girls and 20’s.

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4th story

You can buy almost everything goods related to kitchen, bath, bedding here.

5th story


There is bookstore.

Books written in English is very limited.

Recommend to go bookstore more downtown where you can buy books written in English.

My recommendation is

Kinokuniya bookstore Shinjuku South – Shinjuku Station

Find male clothing for dad.

You can buy clothing for your father with affordable price.

Also, find formal dress and suit/jacket.

6th story

You can buy toys for your kids.

Japanese characters, Kitty, Sumikko-kurashi, Rirakkuma and etc, you can find.

You can bite snack noodles here in 6th story.

Very tiny food court there.

Caveat: very small food court. but food court in Singapore is not common in Japan.

7th story

4 restaurants here in 7th story (top floor).
You can enjoy, Japanese, Chinese and Korean meal.

Electronic store we have.
You can buy Japan electric goods/devices.

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Japanese skirt town shopping mall is very convenient to get everything.

You can find everything easily organized display everywhere, this is one of the Japan quality. So organized and efficient.

On the other hand, a bit inorganic and not colorful here.

Let’s explore Japan shopping mall if you are interested in.

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